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Red Hot Surfing

I wouldn't advocate amatures try this. The ocean on the south side is treacherous without the added peril of molton lava and glass shards. The results are spectacular. The battle continues....
Photographer said: This is the first ever photo taken surf photography style with the lava down the wave. I entered the 110 + degree water filled with volcanic glass and lava bombs to take the first ever lava shot taken from in the breaking waves. It was a shoot of a lifetime after 3 days in the water with the lava, the lava broke out and covered the entire beach.

Sibling Rivalry Deity Style

Pele, our great goddess of fire is seen here in battle with Namakaokaha'i, her sister, goddess of the sea. It was Namakaokaha'i who drove Pele away from their home to what is now Hawaii, after Pele created it by spewing lava onto the small atoll she landed on so she could rise above her sister's clutches. That's one of many mythologies surrounding our mysterious goddess of the volcano. And so it remains today, this perpetual battle between the ocean lashing with force against the land and Pele fighting back by spitting firey lava into the water. Namakaokaha'i tears away at Pele's creation and as she swallows Pele just creates more land for her to get angry at. A classic case of sibling rivalry with no truce in sight. As the battle wages the island gets bigger.

Hawaii Caving Goes Down The Tubes

The Big Island is, well, BIG. She has many secrets; especially below ground. She has beaches, mountains, jungles, deserts, plains, forests, and massive escarpments. You could look for years and not find a fraction of what Big Island has hidden, above and below ground. Here is some of the magesty of the south side. Lava tubes are extensive, running dozens of miles from Kiluea to Kalapana. An experienced guide is recommended. Lava shelfs at the ocean's edge are prone to collaps so staying well back from the edge is a safety imperative. these areas are wild and exceptionally beautiful. They are not for the faint of heart.

Twice as nice!

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