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Do you want a fish farm just off Kawaihae Harbor?
On the other hand...
If you've got it...
Pele stretches under her skirt
Incredible opportunity in North Kohala


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Do you want a fish farm just off Kawaihae Harbor?

From West Hawaii Today - State gives tuna farmers more time

The Board of Land and Natural Resources last week granted a Hawaii aquaculture company another extension to begin construction over the protests of Big Island residents.
Hawaii Oceanic Technology Inc. requested the extension on the Conservation District Use Permit condition requiring construction to begin in October 2015, not this fall, as the land board approved last year. Land board members signed off on the extension, but Kohala resident Carl Bernhardt, who attended the hearing, said he questioned why they did so when the board last year said its one-year extension was the last it was going to give to the company.

On the other hand...

But wait...Rather stock your local food bank forever and still get your Big Island Hawaii oceanfront home? Don't drop $25m on the home featured on the prior post. Get this one. It's a current listing and it IS oceanfront. It's only $700k. I'd love to show it to you. Go on. You don't need those 10 extra rooms. This Kehena home is a 2/1 with 1000+sf under roof on 8752sf lot. It's a great spot for a vacation retreat.

If you've got it...

A little weekend shopping anyone? Wanna splurge? This is the highest priced residential listing on Hawaii, Big Island MLS right now. Kukio. 6 bed / 7 bath + 3 half bath, 10 other rooms inc. offices, gyms, massage therapy room, etc. 13,496sf under roof on 1.33ac. Ocean view. Not oceanfront. It's sits back quite a way and looks over lava formations to ocean beyond. $25m

Pele stretches under her skirt

This is an amazing photo I found on the web credited to CK Horne. I love how it shows the new land formation under the water. It also shows why we have had so much 'vog' recently. Normally we don't have 'vog' (volcanic fog) in Kohala, but, in winter our wind patterns shift and when our regular Trades drop and the wind shifts to come out of the south we get 'vog' carried up to the north of the island. Actually the entire Hawaiian island chain experiences this vog coverage under these conditions. It is quite remarkable that daily Puu O'o pumps out enough emissions to blanket the entire chain for hundreds of miles. She's one busy lady that Madam Pele!

Incredible opportunity in North Kohala

It may not look like much here BUT this is an opportunity. This is how you get in to a area of $2,000,000 homes for $600,000 in a premiere gated community on the Kohala Gold Coast. Just put on the market in the Heathers at Kohala Ranch, this home is a BofA foreclosure on a construction loan for a home close to completion. Super ocean views. Price is not far north of lot value. What a deal! I can get you all the details if you know a buyer interested.

Transfer Station - From Trash to Treasure

Hawaiian says transfer station the most beautiful place in Hawaii. I love this. A real trash to treasure story. Actually, I love it because it illustrates how important and inspirational good design can be; how it can change behavior for the better in even the most unlikely of places. This is Pahoa but the County of Hawaii just completed a revamp of the Waimea and Kailua-Kona recycle centers and they too are much nicer places to be. Reuse. Recycle. The gist of the story is that as soon as the County revamped the recycle center (to the tune of $3.5m invested in design and rebuild) recycling went up a staggering amount, and behavior of users changed dramatically for the better.  Pride of ownership and mindfulness now exhibited by those who would not have bothered before. It's a beautiful thing and is a perfect example of the value of Real Estate by Design!

Putting it Perspective part II

Putting it in perspective part II. Why do those 3,000' cliffs between Pololu and Waipio look like they do? Because the whole top of the north tip of the island sheared off under it's own weight and fell below the water. If it hadn't it would have looked like this. North Kohala is fertile grazing land for cattle. If all this was above sea level I can only imagine, with the alluvial runoff shown, what incredibly rich soil this plain must have.

Putting it in Perspective

Putting it in perspective. I like this aerial taken from north of the tip of Big Island looking back south onto Kohala. It shows clearly the topography of the area and why there is no connection of the road between Pololu Valley in Kohala and Waipio Valley in Hamakaua. All the deep valleys and soaring cliffs in between are clear. You can hike from one to the other in both directions but that's for serious and experienced hikers only.

Ancheline Ponds of South Kohala

On the South Kohala Coast at the Waikoloa Beach Resort, among other attractions, is a nature preserve. The ancheline ponds at Anaehoomalu Bay in front of Kolea are preserved for generations to enjoy this natural beauty. At times the colors in these waters can be electric; from day-glow green and orange, to pulsing yellows. Here they are serene with the sunset across the ocean beyond. There is a trail through the ponds to the beach. A walk through here is always an opportunity to stop, breathe, and reflect in these faerie reflecting pools. What might you 'see'? Photo Kloof Photography.

A whale of a tale at the end of the rainbow

It's whale season in the rainbow state. Due to high winds all whale watches on the Kohala Coast have been suspended, but, these majestic marine mammals can be seen from shore. Thanks to Mike Neal for this beautiful photo. 

Is this Hawaii?

Travel the world in a day in Hawaii. Is this the Gobi Desert? No. It's Haleakala. This is why I love Hawaii. In a couple of hours you can travel from oceans to jungles to deserts to great plains to alpine peaks to volcanoes to historic plantation camps and pulsing metropolis. And, there is a place for everyone in every place. I can help you find yours if you like. photo rob de camp

Keikie take the plunge - Kona Pea Wee Swim

There are few things that put a smile on my face faster than seeing keikie having a good time ... like here, at Kailua Kona pier for the Pea Wee swim. Photo by Laua Shimauku for West Hawaii Today.

To surf or to swim??

WHOA!! Check out this awesome shot from Hawaii News Now of a stand up paddler taking a wipe out on the big surf we have been enjoying in Hawaii. Not what first comes to mind when I think of stand up paddling.. For something a little more tame for the less experienced may I recommend Mauna Kea beach, Spencer beach or Kawaihae harbor on a calmer day.

Tide Pools on the North Tip

North Kohala Tide Pools. These cliffs and lava flats stretch for quite a way with beautiful views of Maui beyond. Access is through rolling green agricultural pasture and forest, with clean air sweet with the scent of mollases grass. Winter waters pound these cliffs and whales breach and birth here. Just a tiny example of what 'is' Kohala. It's not the resort. It's not sandy beaches and swaying palms. It's rugged and raw. Birthplace of king Kamehameha. His strength and tenacity is reflected in these surroundings. Larger than life. Self assured. Rich in spirit. Creative.

2012 Affordability Record. 2013 to Follow.

Housing Affordability Index Set Record in 2012 & 2013 Projected Close. 2013 a Great Time to Buy if You Can Get a Loan.

2012 was as a record year for housing affordability, and a great year for buyers who could get a mortgage. NAR's Housing... Affordability Index was 198.2 in November. 100 is the point where a median-income household has enough income to qualify for a median-priced home, assuming a 20% downpayment and 25% of gross income devoted to mortgage principal and interest payment.