Kohala Property - Real Estate Sales, Management, Leasing
The purchase and sale of real estate is so much more than meets the eye. For most it's the largest transaction they'll make. So many factors come into play; so much is at stake. Multiple skills are needed and due diligence taken to ensure a great outcome. Money changes hands, but more importantly hopes, dreams and lifestyles are on the line.
We look at the whole process a little differently. Times have changed, and we've embraced that. It's a tougher market all round and we take a more holistic view. What sets us apart? The synergistic meld of real estate and design. We call it real estate by design, not chance; a value added service our peers can't match.
We don't just find you a house; we find the best house for you, at the best price, and then our design team works with you, post closing, to make it your perfect home. We don't just sell your house; our design team works with you pre-listing so when you go to market we find the best buyer, at the highest price, in the shortest time possible. We don't just rent your property; our designers present it at it's absolute best so you realise the greatest return.